Steve + Franc Get Hitched on a Boat // Sydney Harbour

Some people get married after knowing each other for a week, others have a lifetime of memories together before the big day, and that’s Steve and Franc! Falling for each other 30 years ago, they finally got a chance to tie the knot (pun on sailing completely intended), and what better way to do it than an intimate celebration on Sydney’s Harbour on a sunny day?!


The event was magical. Steve + Franc, plus all of their favourite people tucked onto one of the best boats in Sydney Harbour - One Ocean, run by two incredible people, Lily and Marc, for three hours in the sunshine! As an added bonus, Lily had organised a surprise wave-off of people that were climbing the Harbour Bridge on the day as we passed under. Steve is a climb leader up on top of the arch, so you can only imagine his joy to see his biggest fans continuing the party up into the skies!

The celebration was a fun combination of laughs and teary emotion with Franc and Steve showing off their pooch-kids on their well-decorated socks, and Steve handing out roses to each of the attending couples on the boat -what a charmer!

Here’s wishing these two amazing humans have another incredible 30 years together ahead of them! If you and your loved one have the event of a lifetime ahead of you, let me know and I’d love to help capture it! The more adventurous, the better!