April @ Cronulla Dunes

April @ Cronulla Dunes

Sand has the power to freeze time or wash it away in an instant. The moment I realised how light bends, reflects and courses its way across the surface of sand, I was completely drawn in, and who better to help me be creative with dunes than the ever-so-wonderful April. We hit up Cronulla sand dunes, here in the beachside suburbs of Sydney, for an on-location boudoir session, and let me say it has be one of my favourite sessions to date.


April’s curves worked wonders with the curves of the dunes, nestled high above the city of Cronulla. It was adventuring at its classiest, but needless to say, we were washing sand out of unmentionable places for days to come! - Worth it!!


If you’d love to feel the warm wind through your hair and sand through your toes, contact me for an on-location boudoir session - the more adventurous, the better!