Joe Brn


Every great story has a beginning, middle and an end. You're born into your beginning, and pass on into your end. What you do in between is entirely in your hands.


Hello! I’m Joe.

I am a travel-centric, adventure-seeking photographer whose mind is constantly day dreaming about alternate realities, some of which I try and bring to life with my creativity.

Growing up, no matter what the circumstance, life never seemed thrilling enough. I would find myself conceiving scenarios amongst my reality that would bring adventure, heroism and inspiration right to my very soul. I’m a sucker for uplifting tales where the underdog rises to save the day.

As I grew older, I fell into the same abyss that many people face. The one that tells you to stop dreaming and start working, start building a future to ensure survival. Somewhere amongst the mess of real life, I let my imagination take hold once again. I let every day, and comic book heroes, inspire me and guide me toward a future I wanted to be apart of, one where I would live life to the fullest, see, taste and feel every bit of flavour this amazing world has, and in the process of letting my own light shine, inspire others to do the same.

After leaving my hometown of Sydney, Australia for a trip around the world in 2014, I found the creative outlet I would need to tell my story, and hear others on the way – photography. I became obsessed. I would, and still do to this day, lose sleep, just so I could learn more, test myself and adapt.

Returning home, for whatever period of time that may entail, I am now on a mission to be the best this world has ever seen. I know that there is a long journey ahead of me. I walk a road deeply engrained with the footsteps of many a great photographer before my time and dance amongst the many greats that are currently sharing their incredible work, but I know that working together, with people such as yourself who have come this far into my spiel and have the same thirst for creativity and motivating others that I do, we will be able to achieve anything!

Headshots courtesy of Admir Trtovac and Ryan Salway.